Professor Robert Davis

Academic Head: Business Programmes

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Ma Te Matauranga Ka Mohio.
Ma Te Mohio Ka Tutuki

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An international reputation for excellence is in the area of service marketing, advertising communication and retail in the digital space. Publications in ranked journals have included important works on consumer behaviour in both advanced qualitative and quantitative methods.

My research focus has resulted in seminal works on marketing with 24 ranked journal publications (3 A* and 7 A by ABDC Rankings) including 36 conference publications and one of the first research-based published books on social media branding (USA).

I have over 20 years’ experience teaching undergraduate and postgraduate marketing courses including the supervision of over 20 Masters Theses and 7 local and international PhDs in various capacities. Pro-active engagement in relevant academic leadership and external service. This has included holding the position of Associate Professor, Head of Department, Programme Leader as well as serving on numerous international journals and academic boards. I have also led programme development work up to postgraduate level. I am on the editorial boards of Internet Research and the Journal of Marketing Communications.

My career has also included management roles at IBM and my own research and consulting business




Research Activities

My research develops new consumer behaviour models in interactive and non-interactive retail markets based upon three forms of empirical evidence: qualitative, actual consumer response data sets and questionnaire data. These models direct strategy decision making particularly in relation to consumer behaviour in the consumer’s usage and purchase behaviour in offline, online (web), social media, mobile and gaming markets.

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A wide range of courses and programmes have been taught globally at the undergraduate, postgraduate and executive programme levels. Teaching and learning has involved a number of different contexts (e.g., interdisciplinary, industry-based, physical locations, distance, new course programme/development, teaching and co-ordination).

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[1] ABDC is the Australasian Business Dean Council 2013 Journal Ranking used in the New Zealand Tertiary Education Commission, Performance Based Ranking (PBRF).