Free English With Ongoing Study

Students wishing to study at AIS at undergraduate or postgraduate level can get up to 14 weeks Free English!

Six weeks free English for one year paid undergraduate diploma/degree/graduate diploma enrolments, or fourteen weeks free English for one year paid postgraduate diploma/MBA enrolments, available to both offshore and onshore international students. A variation available requires that only the full ELC course is paid first, for an enrolment in an English + diploma/degree package, with the free English component provided as a credit towards the later one-year payment of the diploma/degree qualification at the time when the student extends to the diploma/degree qualification. Not available in combination with the 5% Discount for Extension to Next Programme/Next Year. 

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Note: Students can only qualify for one of the current ELC promotions i.e. either the 10w+2w free or 20w+4w free promotion, OR the 6w/14w free with undergrad/postgrad programme enrolment, but not both.