Erwin Losekoot

Academic Head of Programmes (Hospitality and Tourism Management)

erwin losekoot

Erwin Losekoot is originally from The Netherlands but after travelling the world with his parents he attended school in the UK before reading Hospitality at Strathclyde University’s Scottish Hotel School in Glasgow, UK, graduating in 1990. After several years’ hospitality industry experience he completed his MBA at Edinburgh University Management School in 1995. In 1999 he returned to Strathclyde University to take up the position of the Sir Hugh Wontner Lecturer in Hospitality where he taught until 2009. He then moved to become Senior Lecturer at Auckland University of Technology where he also completed his PhD researching the airport customer experience using Auckland Airport as a case study. In 2015 he graduated and then moved to AIS. He has authored or co-authored two book chapters, 20 journal papers and 29 academic conference papers.

He is interested in people’s experience of hospitality and qualitative research methodologies.


Selected publications:


Losekoot, E. (2015). Factors influencing the airport customer experience: A case study of Auckland International Airport’s customers. (Unpublished Doctoral Dissertation): Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand. Available from:


Refereed journal papers:

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Refereed conference papers:

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