Rubaiyet Khan


I hold a MBA in International Business degree and I have keen interest in technology enabled enhancement of business process. My area of specific research includes the field of Social media marketing for which I am conducting my doctoral study from Curtin University, Australia. I am a PBRF ranked researcher, involved in research at various fields of business. I publish my research findings regularly in internationally recognized journals and conferences. I am also an author of three textbooks for courses of Business studies at the university level. Titles include: An Introduction to Business: Practices in Bangladesh, Legal Environment of Business and Bangladesh Studies. My teaching interest lies around International business, strategy and ecommerce. Where I enjoy relating my research findings in my diverse classroom with students from many nations and ethnicities. I enjoy my time with my students and I am very enthusiastic about my students applying their skills and knowledge in the real world for the development of respective industries.




Research Profile

My core research interest lies around technology enabled business innovation e.g. Social media marketing. The interest has evolved from many areas over time. I have worked with migrant settlement issues, foreign direct investments, remittances and its impacts, international education marketing, website marketing etc. But the technology enabled business innovation is the area attracts my interest more than any other.

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Teaching and Learning Experience

I have a wide range of courses that I taught Adult learners from different nationalities. My teaching experience incorporates strengths of subject specific specialized knowledge in to multicultural classrooms.

Undergraduate/Diploma Teaching

Following are the selected courses that I taught in the recent years:

  • 2.112 Information technology concepts
  • 2.114 Business Law
  • 2.222 Strategic Management
  • 2.225 Operational Management
  • 2.226 Human resources Management
  • 2.231 Introduction to International Business
  • 2.265 E-commerce for Mangers
  • 2.266 E-commerce for small business
  • 2.270 Management Information Systems
  • 2.332 International Marketing
  • 2.365 Applied E-commerce
  • 2.366 E-Marketing
  • 2.380 Summary Report Module.
  • And other Unit Standards related to Business domain