Our MISSION is to develop individuals as valued contributors in international communities by:

  1. Creating and delivering relevant quality educational programmes in a supportive multicultural environment;
  2. Equipping individuals with the knowledge, skills and abilities to succeed in an increasingly global environment; and
  3. Providing further opportunities through linking our organisation with others.
  4. Our ASPIRATION is to be widely recognised as a pre-eminent university-college in the Asia-Pacific region, with internationally focused programmes and a global vision.

Our OBJECTIVES reflect our commitment to the credo of “individual focus, international vision” of our unique tertiary institution that typifies the best of New Zealand education, but at the same time successfully competes in the international arena. They include achieving

Academic excellence through:

  1. Creating supportive learning environments in up-to-date, comprehensively-resourced campuses;
  2. Providing programmes of an internationally-recognised calibre;
  3. Enabling individual students to attain credentials that equip them to successfully engage in diverse business settings;
  4. Attracting and retaining highly professional staff;
  5. Supporting a vibrant and productive research culture;
  6. Partnering with other well-recognised institutions across the globe; and

Business excellence through cohesive governance and management structures that result in:

  1. Expanding student numbers, revenues and commercially-viable operating surpluses;
  2. Planned growth in both physical and intellectual property infrastructure;
  3. Efficient use of resources and prudent liquidity management;
  4. Harmonious, cohesive and multicultural governance, management and operations committed to meeting ‘best practice’ standards; and
  5. Demonstrated good corporate citizenship through active participation in local, regional and international stakeholder communities and involvement in initiatives with positive global impacts.

Investment Plan

To allow AIS to manage and discharge its activities and responsibilities as a Private Training Establishment (PTE) enrolling domestic students with Student Achievement Component funding, the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) requires an Investment Plan to be in place. 

The Investment Plan embraces a set of criteria laid out in the TEC’s Investment Plan template based on the current strategy for tertiary education published from time-to-time by the Ministry of Education. The Investment Plan of AIS is the recorded observance of the institute’s commitment to meet all relevant aspects of that criterion.

Download the AIS Investment Plan here.