Business Administration

To develop your skills in Business Administration, your first port of call should be to enrol in study at Auckland Institute of Studies (AIS). With the ability to gain valuable skills and knowledge across the business administration domain, our programmes can provide the base for a fulfilling career in New Zealand. Covering the fundamentals of business administration, you can leverage our programmes to meet your career requirements and expectations.

Business administration skills should be considered important. Without the ability to manage financial accounting, make key business strategy decisions or analyse marketing opportunities, company development is rather limited. As such, with the help of AIS, you can gain the skills required to lead your enterprise with pride and confidence - making leaps into new markets and disrupting the conventional.

While business administration might not seem like the most important concept for leaders, it is often the basics that let enterprises down. Therefore, make the right decision now and enrol in a programme that allows your skills to flourish.

Classes are run on weekends, meaning you don't need to take time out of your valuable working week.

Read more below about our two business administration programmes. If you would like more information, feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to discuss your options.

4.450 Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration (PGDBA)

If you are a manager who wants to increase their prospects in a short time frame, then the 12-month Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration (PGDBA) is designed for you. As a stepping stone towards the MBA, the PGDBA is made up of 20 modules that incorporate all elements of business administration.

The PGDBA is held within small groups to ensure each student has the ability to learn in a collaborative and rewarding manner. In fact, there is the opportunity to complete a MBA with six months further study should students earn a PGDBA from AIS.

4.700 Master of Business Administration (MBA)

As the most internationally-recognised business qualification in the world today, the MBA is a powerful qualification to earn if you are looking to become a respected leader in the business industry. Based on a practical programme of theoretical, applied and research - students can gain the knowledge required for accurate and powerful executive decision making.

At AIS, we offer four MBA specialisations - tailored to your future career ambitions. This includes International Business, Finance, Marketing and Operations/Logistics.

Additionally, the 18-month MBA can be completed at your leisure with three alternative pathways to choose from.

Comprised of five challenging stages, students must complete a set number of modules at each stage to progress. To support this progress, the AIS team of MBA teaching staff are selected for their special blend of qualifications, research activities and industry knowledge.

Of course, the MBA is approved and accredited by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority. To ensure the programme remains one of the best in the world, it is regularly reviewed with modules added, changes or removed.

For more information on the range of AIS Business Administration programmes, feel free to get in touch with our team today.

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14 December 2019 to 2 February 2020

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