4.450 Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration

The Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration (PGDBA) comprises 20 modules of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree and is ideally suited to busy managers seeking to increase their career skills in a shorter time frame. The option to complete an MBA degree with six months further study makes the PGDBA an attractive option.

Classes are run Saturdays and Sundays so business leaders can maximise their valuable time.

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Programme Information

Each student’s programme is planned in conjunction with the Academic Head of Programme to satisfy academic regulations and reflect the candidate’s background, interest and career aspirations.

PGDBA programme structure


4.701 Financial Accounting and Analysis
4.702 Managing Information and Technology
4.703 World Economy and Money Markets
4.704 Management Accounting and Analysis
4.705 Marketing Management
4.709 Operations Management
4.710 Cross-Cultural Behaviour and Negotiation
4.711 Business Quantitative Methods
4.712 Organisational Behaviour and Leadership
4.713 Economic Decision-Making
4.720 Business Strategy and Change Management
4.740 Accounting Framework (unless precluded)


4.706 International Strategic Management
4.707 Human Resource Management

4.708 International Business Law
4.714 Global Enterprise and International Trade
4.716 International Marketing
4.718 Research Methods
4.719 Advanced Management of Information Systems
4.724 E-Business
4.725 Entrepreneurship / New Ventures
4.727 Services Marketing
4.728 Operations Strategy and Technology
4.729 Quality Management
4.750 Strategic Marketing
4.751 Business Research and Analytics
4.754 Product Development and Brand Management
4.771 Managing in Highly Regulated Environments
4.772 Legal and Ethical Issues for Practising Professionals
4.773 Managing in Dynamic Socio-Economic Sectors
4.782 International Supply Chain Management
4.783 Project Management
4.787 Events Operations Management
4.790 Corporate and Business Finance
4.792 Financial Statement Analysis
4.794 Valuations and Investment Decision Analysis
4.795 International Finance and Risk Management

Internship Option

The programme of study for candidates with less than two years of relevant work experience, but with a degree or postgraduate qualification in cognate business disciplines, must include 4.798 Internship and 15 taught modules as determined by the Academic Head of Programme.


12 months full-time

Start Dates in 2019

27 January, 23 March, 18 May, 13 July, 7 September, 2 November

Entry Requirements


International Students

2019 Programme Fees:    NZ$21,000
Resource Fees:    NZ$1,900
Total:    NZ$22,900

Plus a compulsory Student Services Fee of NZ$300 per year (or NZ$30 per month or part thereof).

Domestic Students

2019 Programme Fees:    NZ$13,500
Resource Fees:    NZ$1,900
Total:    NZ$15,400

Plus a compulsory Student Services Fee of NZ$300 per year (or NZ$30 per month or part thereof).


This programme is eligible for a student loan from Studylink. Contact Studylink on 0800 88 99 00 or log on to www.studylink.govt.nz to apply for student finance.


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