Relevant and applied research is part of the AIS commitment to ensuring that our academic staff are engaged in teaching practices that are evidenced based and contemporary.

AIS has an active research committee and ethics review committee supported by the Academic Board.

The Research Committee, comprised of members of AIS’s teaching staff, other research-active staff, and an adjunct research professor, meets monthly in order to plan research initiatives, which includes reviewing the policies and procedures related to research, reviewing funding applications, reviewing staff research plans and reviewing staff research proposals.  The Research Committee manages and reports against the research budget.

An Annual Research and Publication Report is produced, showcasing AIS’s researchers’ outputs and other activities. See recent research reports

The AIS Research Newsletter is produced three times per year. Each issue of the newsletter contains a featured AIS researcher, articles on various aspects of the research process, recent research outputs by AIS staff, and upcoming conferences. View copies of the research newsletter.

The annual AIS Research Award recognises those staff who have produced quality outputs over the previous year. There are two categories: Established Researcher, and Emerging Researcher.

AIS utilises a research database, Research Outputs and Contributions System (ROCS) developed through a Information Technology Programme student project.  This system manages through validation all research outputs and contributions across AIS.  These outputs assist to inform the various reports that are required in order to demonstrate AIS’s compliance with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority requirements that degrees are taught mainly by staff engaged in research.

In 2018 AIS participated in the Performance Based Funding Round (PBRF), which resulted in a 68% increase in quality rated outputs from the previous round.

AIS supports a research symposium open to all tertiary providers.  This symposium provides the opportunity for staff and students to showcase their contribution to research and technology transfer.

We welcome the opportunity to undertake collaborative research with other providers while actively supporting student research.

Any academics interested in the possibility of conducting joint research with AIS staff, should contact the staff member (Staff can be found under their respective Programme page).