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Online Graduation Acknowledgement

Graduation is an important rite of passage for all tertiary students and is the culmination of their hard work and dedication. This year COVID-19 means we are unable to hold a traditional graduation ceremony where students and their loved ones come together in person to celebrate their academic achievements.

Instead, AIS has decided to recognise our 30th anniversary annual graduation online and has created a wonderful presentation to mark this significant occasion. We are extremely proud of our students’ success so we arranged to take an official photograph of individual graduates in their academic regalia while abiding by all COVID-19 restrictions to keep everyone safe.

Over 180 graduates have been photographed and are celebrated in the online presentations below. Each graduate’s name and the qualification awarded ‘in absentia’ are acknowledged by our CEO and Academic Registrar, Richard Smith.

All students eligible to graduate are recorded as graduating in absentia in the Graduation 2020 booklet.

‘Order of Proceedings’

Brief address by President
Dr Julia Hennessy

Addresses by

Prof. Richard Goodall
Director for Business Administration

Dr Mike Watts
Head of School, Information Technology

Dr Neil Crombie
Director for Business, Hospitality and Tourism

Terry Leotta
Director for English Language and Learning Centre

Jessecca Mason
Valedictorian and MBA Top Scholar

We hope you enjoy this unique graduation event and invite you to gather your friends and family together to watch this online acknowledgement and celebrate this milestone together. Once you are all seated comfortably, simply click on the relevant link below. Your online graduation acknowledgement can also be viewed by your loved ones overseas who cannot be with you at this time, so please share the link and your achievements with them.  

Congratulations from us all at AIS!

View Here

or you can also click on the individual links below for your own programme presentation

Business Administration Graduation Acknowledgement

Information Technology Graduation Acknowledgement

Business/Hospitality/Tourism and English Language Graduation Acknowledgement

Special Awards and Valedictory address

Students who were unable to attend, they are welcome to contact Carmi Thurlby for a copy of the 2020 graduation booklet.