Transport and Maps

Auckland is well served for public transport and AIS encourages the use of public transport to reduce reliance on private motor vehicles. 

Two main bus routes along New North Road and Great North Road are within walking distance from AIS, and the Baldwin Avenue train station is close by. AIS also provides for parking at both its campuses for those who wish to drive private cars to the institute.

Auckland Public Transport

Auckland's public transport system across rail, bus and ferry is collectively branded as AT Metro. Auckland train and bus routes are divided into sections called stages; the more stages you have to travel, the higher the fare. For example, travelling from the city to Mt Albert is two stages, and from the city to Henderson is four stages. Mt Albert to New Lynn is one stage.

To travel using Auckland public transport, you have the choice of purchasing a pre-paid AT HOP smart card, or a single trip paper ticket before boarding; an alternative option is to purchase a monthly pass. A tertiary student discount (concession) is available when purchasing AT HOP cards.



Note: this service is currently suspended due to COVID-19

The public bus service from the central city (Britomart Place) to the vicinity of AIS takes 20-25 minutes. Timetables are available at reception.

Bus stops near the campus are located in Great North Road near St Lukes Road (stop 8123 going to the city and stop 8122 coming from the city), and in New North Road near Wairere Avenue (stop 8225 going to the city) and near Alberton Avenue (stop 8222 coming from the city).

An adult single-ride two-stage cash fare by bus costs $5.50 per trip. Use the journey planner available on the Auckland Transport website to plan your bus trip using the bus stop numbers provided above for travel to and from AIS.

Outer LINK (amber) buses are a handy way to get around Auckland’s inner suburbs. They travel on a circuit every 15 minutes from the city through Pt Chevalier, past Unitec, along New North Road to St Lukes (Westfield Shopping Centre), and on through Mt Eden Village, Epsom, Newmarket and Parnell before arriving back in the city. The buses run in both directions, and the closest bus stops to AIS are in New North Road (stops 8225 and 8222).


The closest train stop to AIS is the Baldwin Avenue Station (off Rossgrove Terrace), 5 minutes away. A two-stage single-ride train journey purchased at a Ticket & Top-Up machine will cost $5.50. When you get your student card and the AT tertiary concession sticker, the same journey will only cost you $3.45. AT tertiary concession stickers are available at reception.

Planning Your Trip

Visit the Auckland Transport website for information about all bus, train and ferry services in Auckland. This website provides a journey planner where you can type in your address, the desired destination and time of travel. The website will then produce a range of public transport travel options, locating bus stops, train stations and a map of the desired journey together with cost and estimated travel time.

Campus Parking

AIS offer plenty of secure car parking space for staff, students, dormitory residents and visitors. Limited bike parking facilities are also available. Our parking facilities are CCTV-monitored 24/7. On-campus security personnel are available for help at all times.

Student Parking

Student car parking areas are provided at both campuses: over 150 parking spaces at St Helens Campus and over 80 parking spaces at Asquith Campus. Be careful not to park in spaces marked as reserved for staff, as unauthorised vehicles may be wheel clamped.

Limited bike parking facilities are available at St Helens Campus (dormitory and library) and Asquith Campus (gym entrance).

Dormitory Parking

The St Helens Campus dormitory car parking area is reserved for residents only and is able to accommodate up to 21 vehicles. If you are a dormitory resident and wish to use the designated parking area please see security as this requires a special permit.


Shuttle Service

Mornings - Monday to Friday - City to AIS

Note: this service is currently suspended due to COVID-19

There will be one morning bus only. The bus will depart the city at 8.30am from the corner of Customs and Queen Streets (in front of ANZ bank). The LCD display at the front of the bus will show the destination as "Auckland Institute of Studies".

Afternoons - Monday to Friday - AIS to City

The AIS shuttle van will be ready at 2.10pm and leave as soon as it is full. It will then return to pick up any remaining students. If the shuttle van is full at 2.30 or 3pm it will return again until all students have been collected.

Students wishing to take the afternoon shuttle van must be at reception by 3pm. 

Please note that pick-up times may vary due to traffic.

Shopping Service - Thursday

The shuttle van operates a convenient shopping service for dormitory students on Thursdays where students are collected from the St Helens campus and transported to the nearest supermarket for grocery shopping. For dates and times please see the noticeboard in the dormitory foyer or ask the dormitory manager.

Driving in New Zealand

AIS support safe driving on New Zealand roads. If you wish to get a New Zealand driver's licence, this can be done at any AA branch in Auckland. Use AA's location finder to locate a branch near you.

If you already have a driving licence from your country, please visit AA for information on acquiring the International Driving Permit (IDP) which will allow you to drive in New Zealand using your current licence for up to 1 year.

Need further help, contact us