Dormitory Accommodation

For those who wish to make AIS their home in Auckland, the AIS Dormitory, a three-level building situated at the St Helens Campus, provides accommodation for 120 residents in single, twin and multi-share rooms. The rooms are fully furnished, each with its own study area.

The dormitory office is located on Level 1, adjacent to the main entrance of the dormitory, and is open on weekdays from 8.30am to 5.00pm. Our security staff oversee the dormitory after hours and during weekends and public holidays. Level 1 accommodates both male and female students, whereas Level 2 is for female students only, and Level 3 is reserved for male students. A kitchen for the preparation of meals, and a dining room area, are available, and mini fridges for rooms can also be hired. New residents will receive a Dormitory Handbook upon arrival which contains all the information needed on residing in this facility.

New students, especially, find that dormitory accommodation helps them to settle into life in Auckland. While some students reside in the dormitory for the entire length of their study at AIS, others decide to experience homestay accommodation or move out into flats or apartments.

The feeling of contribution gained from group living is a key feature of life in a dormitory, particularly on an international campus such as AIS. There are opportunities for fun and companionship, for working, talking, relaxing and growing in a community of people of similar age and similar interests. There may be irritations and distractions too, but learning to deal with these, to understand different points of view, and to become tolerant of some aspects of human nature, is of considerable value.

Intending residents should book well in advance, as there is normally a waiting list for residency.

Accommodation Application Form - for accommodation from 1 January 2019

Homestay Accommodation

Many students are keen to experience the New Zealand lifestyle while they are studying with us, and homestay accommodation offers an excellent opportunity to do so. AIS has an extensive list of carefully selected and approved homestay families to choose from and can arrange placement for students who wish to live in a family environment. Homestay students also benefit from the opportunity to practice their English.

Homestays can be organised prior to arrival in New Zealand, although some students chose another form of accommodation when they first arrive, such as the AIS dormitory, and later decide to move into a homestay. In either instance, two weeks’ notice is required to arrange homestay accommodation.

Homestay rates cover accommodation and two meals (breakfast and dinner) per weekday, and three meals during weekends and on public holidays. A member of the homestay family is required to escort their student to and from AIS on their first day of study.

Homestay payments are paid by AIS on behalf of the student. 

Accommodation Application Form - for accommodation from 1 January 2019