Student Fees

Here you can find our most recent fees schedules for domestic and international students.

Fees can also be found on each individual programme page as well as on the Apply Now page.

Year 2018 Tuition Fees - International Students

Year 2018 Tuition Fees - Domestic Students

Supplementary Fees List

Year 2019 Tuition Fees - International Students

Year 2019 Tuition Fees - Domestic Students

Student Services Fee

The compulsory Student Services Fee (SSF) covers provision of a broad range of campus services to students.  The fee is allocated to the following services, in consultation with students via the Student/Management Forum:

The SSF in 2019 is charged at a rate of $300.00 per year, or $30.00 per month or part thereof, and covers about 65% of the direct costs of these services which are subsidised by AIS.

The Student/Management Forum, comprising student representatives from each programme, meets once a semester to provide input on non-academic matters. 2019 forum timings are 2.30pm in Room M205 (St Helens Campus) on 15 March, 27 June and 10 October. Consultation with students on the SSF is undertaken in the first semester Student/Management Forum.  Students are welcome to be involved in the forum, and should contact Ashley Brown Andersen, Student Support Manager, if they are interested in doing so.

Download the 2018 SSF report to students and the 2019 consultation document here.