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Study Fees Free

Under the New Zealand Government's Fees-Free plan you could be able to study any of our programmes or courses Level 3 and above for free!

To confirm your eligibility, you'll need to go to the Fees-Free website and enter your National Student Number (NSN). The Fees-Free website will also have instructions on what to do if you do not know or have an NSN.

What does fees-free cover?

Fees-free covers:

Fees-free does not cover other optional and occasional fees. 

How do I apply?

Visit the Fees-Free website to check your eligibility for Provider Based Study, enter your NSN and follow the prompts.

Not Eligible?

If you've entered your NSN on the fees-free website and you get a 'no' as an eligibility status, you might still be available for one of our current scholarships.

And if not, you can still apply for a Student Loan or Allowance on the StudyLink website

If you get an 'unknown' eligibility status, but meet the eligibility criteria, you'll need to submit a statutory declaration. More information about statutory declarations are on the Fees-free website.