My eQuals Platform

Auckland Institute of Studies has moved to My eQuals, the official tertiary credentials platform of Australia and New Zealand.

My eQuals is a secure and trusted solution that AIS utilises to digitally certify official credential documents and awards to our students and graduates (learners).

My eQuals is the trusted and accepted solution that guarantees the integrity and authenticity of the official credential documents awarded by AIS to learners, utilising advanced cryptographic security to ensure that AIS signed qualification certificates and transcripts are issued to learners and reduce the possibility of document fraud.

Learners are required to authenticate upon notification of being awarded credentials via My eQuals and will then have their own personal My eQuals account of their earned credential documents that they can access anywhere, anytime, and share as they wish. A great solution to share and present your verified credentials for employment, further study, professional and registration bodies, government agencies, and international credential checks.

A simpler and more efficient way to view, share, and verify academic credentials and records.

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For more information visit My eQuals.

How To Access Your My eQuals Account?

An email notification will be sent to you once your document has been generated which will include a link to your My eQuals account. If using My eQuals for the first time, you will need to register and you will then receive a second email with a link to authenticate and activate your account. You must register and login with the email address your email notification was sent to in order to see your documents.

How To Update Your Email Address and Link Accounts?

Upon accessing your account, you will be prompted to ensure that your My eQuals account email is updated to include your personal email. This will ensure you can sustain access before your AIS student email address closes. When logged in you can use the 'Profile > Link' settings to link additional email and social accounts to your My eQuals profile. Email notifications will be sent to your 'primary' email only.

Benefits to Learners

  1. Immediate access to certified digital documents, cutting the delays of manual production, processing, and post
  2. Improved experience moving between Australia and New Zealand institutions, as well as abroad
  3. Secure credentials protected by My eQuals ensures the authenticity of your qualifications for potential employers and other parties you share your documents with
  4. Faster outcomes for you, as these portable, certified documents streamline administration and lead to faster decision making within institutions
  5. Reduced cost – Less manual production and postage means a more economical system for you
  6. Increased value of your qualification: Employers can trust your documents are genuine
  7. Increased control and security: You maintain control over who receives access and for how long
  8. Environmental sustainability by reducing printed documents, saving millions of pieces of paper annually in academic record hard copies and other printed graduation documents.


  1. Important
    You must pay all your fees and clearance forms need to be completed.
  2. Digital Academic Documents
    From Trimester 2, 2023, digital academic documents are free of charge for graduates.
    From Trimester 1, 2018 to Trimester 1, 2023 - $30

    Transcript before graduation - $30
  3. Printed Academic Documents
    Printed Transcript - $30 + postage ($10 Domestic, $65 International)
    Printed Certificate - $30 + postage ($10 Domestic, $65 International)

    At graduation ceremony – free of charge.

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