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At AIS we understand that you are studying because you need options in the future - options for further study, for employment, or even for immigration.

Our industry-focused programmes are carefully designed to provide the training you will need to succeed. Gain relevant New Zealand work experience on the AIS MBA Internship Pathway or the AIS Graduate Placement Service. With students from over 30 countries on campus, as an AIS graduate you will build an international network of contacts and life-long friends.

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Real World Success testimonials

Bruce Huo - Masters of Business Administration

A key factor for me in choosing the MBA programme was the industry-experienced lecturers that are both local and international, something that is rarely seen in many MBA programmes.

An academically good education from New Zealand universities and polytechnics was something I knew to expect, but I wanted more. AIS offered me a dynamic learning environment that supported, encouraged and challenged me.

I came to New Zealand from China with a formal qualification and successfully established my own small internet café business. However, I found that my business knowledge and way of critical thinking needed to be expanded to further my career. The industry knowledge, practical skills and behaviour that I learned while studying here all helped me to find employment in New Zealand, and I am using these skills in my role as a counsellor for a leading education and immigration agency. As a result of my journey with AIS I would strongly recommend students studying there as they will get a quality education.

AIS offered me a dynamic learning environment that supported, encouraged and challenged me.

Ismail Fasi Mohammed - Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration

Applying classroom knowledge to real businesses

With a background in the service industry for close to seven years, Fasi has undertaken a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration (PGDBA) at AIS in order to further his knowledge of how the service industry in New Zealand operates. Managing the business, while studying for a PGDBA, has given Fasi the chance to put theory into practice.

“The PGDBA programme at AIS has helped me to understand customer behaviour and gain practical knowledge into the New Zealand service industry.”

AIS PGDBA knowledge is essential

Fasi notes that many of the courses in the PGDBA programme have been relevant to managing the business in Auckland. To name a few, he mentions that he enjoys th Services Marketing course as it serves to provide insight on how best to market the restaurant in Auckland. He is also particularly interested in the Managing Information and Technology course as he agrees with the premise emphasising the importance of utilising social media and Information technology when running a competitive business.

AIS PGDBA programme

So what does Fasi have to say about studying for a PGDBA at AIS?

“AIS PGDBA has helped me to manage Paradise efficiently and effectively and most importantly be able to yield profits.”

We are delighted that Fasi has chosen AIS to further his studies and we wish him all the best with growing the business!

AIS has helped me to understand customer behaviour and gain practical knowledge into the New Zealand service industry.

Michael Croft - Bachelor of International Business

Michael Croft's Bachelor of International Business Degree has paved the way for his world travels.

Since graduating from AIS, Michael has worked for importers and exporters in Japan, New Zealand and now Europe. His latest position is importing perishable seafreight for a German company based in Holland.

“I went to Japan after I finished my BIB and worked for an importer in Kobe for nine months. That was an experience! Then I came back to New Zealand and got a job exporting airfreight for Owens Coolair, based out at Auckland Airport. They offered me a promotion to manager of airfreight. It was a tough decision because it would have been a good job, but I really wanted to go overseas. This job in Holland came up and it seemed perfect,” says Michael.

Though the position is currently just a four-month contract, there may be the opportunity to extend it.

“I haven't been to Europe before and I've always wanted to go there. A car and a flat in Amsterdam were organised for me and I've got friends in London who I'm keen to catch up with too. I only speak English but I'll try and learn a little bit of Dutch while I'm there.”

Eager to see as much of the world as possible, the jet-setting 24-year-old would also like to utilise his working holiday visa for Canada a little further down the track. He's confident that he will find work there in importing and exporting also.

There can be no doubt that when Michael Croft eventually returns to New Zealand, not only will he have seen much of the world, but he'll also be armed with a very impressive CV.
Most of his life Michael has harboured a keen interest in international business. It's not surprising really – he's grown up with it. His father is an exporter, so Michael has been raised with a fair idea of what the industry is all about.

After completing sixth form at Pukekohe High he decided he wanted to learn more about International Business so enrolled at AIS. He hasn't looked back since.

“I've used the skills I learned in the BIB throughout my career. The course gave me a broad perspective on work and a broader understanding of dealing with people. It taught me how to convert currencies and the terminology used in my field. There are a lot of things that I've thought to myself along the way ‘Hey, I learned that in the BIB'.”

Michael said another benefit he gained from studying at AIS was making friends with people from so many different countries.

“If I ever wanted to go on holiday in Asia I wouldn't be short of somewhere to stay! I've been to Thailand several times to visit my friends from the BIB and I've also been to visit a mate in Korea. These are people that I still keep in contact with although it has been nearly five years since I've been studying. They may well be my business contacts in the future.”
And what does Michael's future hold?

“As far as my long-term plans go, I'll probably be back here exporting produce with my father. I've always said I'd like to work for him but I always wanted to do my own thing first.” And right now, that's just what he's doing.